Sunday, November 12, 2006

Silly Snow Girl!

You didn't really think I had been throwing away the lids to all these cute little cans I have been altering did you? No way. I have been planning to make ornaments out of them, but since I had 3 white ones, I decided tomake a snow man, or snow girl, I guess. Ashley and I named her Joy! I wanted to put more buttons and things on the inside of the lids around the pics, but Ashley said enough was enough, it looked just fine. Yeah, that button smile is pretty cute!


Kate said...

What an adorable idea! I love this! Very cute!

~Jamie said...

ohhhh this is too cute!

Lydie said...

You blow my mind with your creative litle self! I LOVE this! That would look really cute hanging by my front door! (hint, hint). Love ya!

Jennifer said...

Man you have a whole fan club! I'm so jealous of you!
I love the snowgirl! Maybe we'll even get some snow this year to make a real one.