Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Grandma's Girl

We had so much fun last night. The traditional Halloween night at Grandma's. Why? Because we are too cheap to buy our own candy! Grandma and Ash sit on the porch, pass out candy and count the trick-or-treaters. Austin really likes to do the trick-or-treating himself. I tried to get out early before it got dark and try out the new lens my OH-SO-NICE brother-in-law loaned me, but as usual I forgot half Ash's costume and had to go back home. I did get a couple of good shots. I think I'm loving the lens. Hmmm...would make a nice Christmas present. Mom, are you reading this? LOL! Can't wait to scrap my collection of Halloween pics. Too bad I have homework coming out the wazoo! Just a few more weeks and then a break! Would like to post more pics, but the Power Point is calling me.

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Mary Jo said...

I used to love going to my parents for Halloween. We haven't done that the past few years though :(

I love their costumes on the post below! My Evan was a dalmation puppy three halloweens ago so that brought back good memories :)