Sunday, November 05, 2006

Happy Birthday Grandma Brown!

So we had a birthday in the family! Okay, technically it was last week. I'm really bad with birthdays! Better late than never. I don't think she even reads this, but I did want to say I hope she took a little time out for herself on her special day. Saying happy birthday to someone isn't just saying...Happy day! It's like saying, "So glad you were born! It makes a difference to ME that you are here." My friend calls me every year on my birthday and she always makes me feel just that way. Like it matters to her that I am here. I hope someone made my mother-in-law feel that way, because it probably wasn't me, although she definitely matters to me. Not just to me. This woman has a servant's heart. I tried to call her the other day and my father-in-law said she was doing Share-Your-Christmas and to try back after that was over. He's not kidding. People sign up for baskets of things they need and she works with all these other wonderful people to fill their needs so they don't go without during the holiday season. After deliveries are done in mid December I guess I can try back. Yet, somehow she had the time to send home a pumpkin pie with the grandkids this weekend. See what I mean! Servant's heart!

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