Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My Grateful Album

So I couldn't put the Grateful away. I had all these great fall pics and since I gave away my decor piece I hadn't really scrapped all of my favorites for myself yet. So I made this little album. There are 6 inch chipboard circles in between each page. I have such a thing for circles. I try not to use them all the time, but I just LOVE them! I think it's the elemen -tary teacher in me. Circles and flowers just make me smile. So this is my Thanks giving post since we will be out of town tomorrow. Hope everyone has a Happy Turkey day! Hope you enjoy seeing what I am most Grateful for!


Renata Moni said...

Hi ( From Brazil!)
I´ve looking your blog and i have to say that your work is gorgeous!
This album is wonderful! The color, the papers ...everything!

Have a good day!

ArtsyMama said...

This is absolutely wonderful! I love it. The pictures, the papers, perfect!!! Thanks so much for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Anonymous said...

You rock the KI like no one else! I love this. I'm gonna start sending you my pics to scrap, just so I get inspired!
I LOVE this! Have I mentioned that I'm gonna lick that tree when I see it? Well, I'm gonna....better hide it!