Saturday, March 31, 2007

CMK Crop

I finally did a layout about myself. I had to do it for a design team assignment and I was really not into it at first, (okay, let's just say I whined and complained and already had too much stuff to do) but I so love how it turned out. I'm glad I did it and I feel like this layout is really reflective of my crazy personality. Also CMK is having a BIG crop today and I meant to post this much earlier. They are giving away a lot of cool prizes, so if you have time today, run over and check it out! You still have time to play. My challenge is at 4:30 today!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Art Warehouse Stamps

I made these flowers using my Art Warehouse Stamps..the bottom border is also a stamp and everything on here is Creative Imaginations one way or another except the ribbon and the button. I made this for my scrap table to keep all my AW stamps in. So they are in one place and I don't have to keep digging them out of my stamp drawer all the time. I love this Creative Imaginations paper and really needed to use it. I think projects for my scrap room are the most fun to do. It takes off the pressure of, "I wonder if someone will appreciate this in 10 years?" It's just for me, right here, right now. Just for enjoyment. KWIM? Anyway...I need to get back to my homework and stop staring at my handiwork.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Art Warehouse

So one of you really nice people pointed out that I don't always post all my work on my blog. No, I don't. I am kind of random about that. Sometimes I post at CMK, sometimes 2peas, and sometimes just here. My Product Spotlights for Art Warehouse I don't post here right away because I want people to check the Art Warehouse Blog. There are lots of other cool projects they can see at the same time and if I posted mine here you might miss out on that! Oh, and I have one up right now. An altered spaghetti jar for Easter! Here is a little Art Warehouse I haven't posted anywhere. The basket was my Product Spotlight for Feb., but I did the treat bag card and didn't post, here it is. I'm off to my night class! Happy, Happy Monday!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Such a Fun Day!

We headed out of town to visit the grand- parents today. It's an hour drive and I dread the fighting that may occur in the backseat on the drive, but everything went pretty smoothly today! We had such a great time. The kids played in the creek, played with the dogs, petted the horses, rode the 4 wheelers, and we all got to visit with some other family members that made an appearance. I'm pooped. I tried to sneak in a ton of pics, but realized I had messed with my ISO settings on my camera and forgot to set them back (a little too late). I got a lot of noise in my pics, but I'm posting two of my favorites. Hope you are having a great weekend too!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Button Shelf

So, if you were wondering ...I survived day one of the bad perm. Thanks for all the good vibes you sent my way! Any hoo...there was a thread on CMK on how you store your buttons... lots of fun. I said I would never sort my buttons like this. Just craziness if you ask me, but a case of the crazies took over and I ended up with this. I found this shelf at Hobby Lobby for $16 and painted it white. I only sorted my misc. buttons. My Foofala buttons and some of the others have their own homes in other glass jars scattered around my room. I guess these wouldn't be so handy to take to a crop. Good thing I left some in the button box. Buttons are just SWEET aren't they? Ummmm..yeah. Happy, Happy Friday!!

A Layout of My Own

Just for fun. Just for me. My pretty little girl. Oh, do you want to hear something funny. I got a perm yesterday. Somehow, perms always sound like a better idea than they actually are. Last time I got one it didn't take so this time she used smaller rollers and stronger solution. Do you see where I'm going with this? My kids made so much fun of me last night. I had to pick up my DD and her friend at Girl Scouts. They made me roll down the window and were trying to hang their heads out because I stink. It's kind of little old lady tight. It's also much shorter than in any of the pictures I've posted because I just had a haircut too. Yikes! This morning I woke up and it somehow grew about 6 inches straight up on top of my head. I tried barrettes yesterday, but it was like brush, it just kept growing over them. I'm going to have to use a scarf to hold it down today. And the smell...Those elementary kids are brutal! Wish I didn't have to work today! When you pick yourself up off the ground and quit laughing could you pray for me??

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Last Fancy Pants Project

Here is my last Fancy Pants for CMK this month. The patterned paper and chipboard is FP. The rub on is Basic Grey. Okay, so I wanted to tell Joni...your surface may be the problem with the rub ons. The first thing I used them on was the metal and they were sliding around and would not come off. I was so stressed because it was my first DT project. When I heated them they worked great. I really hope that takes care of your problem. Also the same ones worked just fine on paper. It was just that pack too. The other swatch books all have worked fine on any surface. Also do not worry over the decoupage. Don't put it off. Just go for. That stuff is so seriously relaxing for me. It's messy, but there's just something about it. KWIM? Just go in thin layers and do a little at a time. You'll be fine!

Questions answered!

Joni had some questions I totally forgot to answer when I posted this morning! If your Art Warehouse rub ons aren't working I would try this. Cut out the piece you want to use and stick in front of a heat source for a few a space heater. I had trouble rubbing some on metal, and I tried this and they went on like butter. My scrap room is freezing and I have trouble with lots of my rub ons and this usually does the trick. However, my Art Warehouse rub ons are awesome and I usually don't need to do this. I'm not just saying this because I'm on their DT because I don't think that would be fair. I would never promote supplies that don't work right. My budget is tight too, so I know how it feels to invest in things that don't work out for you. I hope the heat does the trick for you. Also do I prefer Mod Podge? I use Mod Podge when I want a matte finish and I use Aleene's decoupage when I want glossy. Just what I have always done. Sometimes it just depends on my mood and what I think will work best for the paper I am working with. The decoupage is thicker and can soak through thin paper very quickly, so I don't typically use it with thin paper. I've also heard Thermo Web makes really cool adhesive sheets, but I haven't tried these yet. I just get some kind of therapy from decoupage....Hope this helps. Sorry it took me so long on these questions. I'd love to see what you are working on with the Art Warehouse stuff!

Just Hangin' Out

I guess I haven't been up to much. Nothing spectacular to show you. Just a couple of random pictures of the resident cuties. My head has hurt so bad lately, I haven't felt like doing much. I have to go back to work tomorrow. Wish I had done more than clean my carpets!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Little More Fancy Pants

Need some Sunshine today? My BF's daughter. One my fav pics I took of Annika. I know it isn't her mom's fav, but I loved it so much, I had to blow it up. Her mom was yelling, "Annika, Open your eyes! I hate pictures where you eyes are all squinty." This is what we got. Those light blue are just too sensitive to light. Just precious! This is Fancy Pants paper and rub ons. My final FP layout for CMK this month!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Art Warehouse Stamps Have Arrived!

I am in love with my new stamps. I wish there were more hours in the day to play! My little boy helped open the box. I just know the little guy will be some kind of an artist. He wanted to know right away if I these were stamps I used with paint. Pretty smart for a 3 year old. He said they were SO Beautiful! and he has good taste! I guess as the card says..Happy Happy Times! I am also posting the set of Art Warehouse stamps I used...yummy..huh! You can check them out here... Limited Edition
Have a super Tuesday!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Little Kung Fu Fighting

No idea what this girl was doing. She is just tired of standing in front of the camera and started going a little KUng FU on mom. We are sitting around trying to figure out plans for this wonderful Saturday. The dh is coming home from Nicaragua tonight from his mission trip adventure and we have to pick him up from the airport later. At some point we will have to clean the house up, so he doesn't freak out that the laundry isn't all done when he comes home. I better get bookin' if we are going to fit some fun in! Hope you all are having a fun filled Saturday as well!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sweet Feet

Everything is SWEET with Rocket Dogs on your feet! Someday I will mature past the age of 12 and wear grown up shoes..Not today. Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Easter Bucket

This took about 3 minutes! Put sticker on bucket. Tie ribbon around bucket. Put pencils in. The kids in my classroom love these things! Totally worth the 3 minutes and I get to use up these old stickers that I wouldn't use on a layout, but I love to look at! Hoppy Monday!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

CMK has Fancy Pants

Fancy Pants is the DT sponsor at CMK this month. They are also running a Fancy Pants contest, so if you have lots of Fancy Pants layouts sitting around get over there and upload them, so you can win some great FP prizes. Or if your just feeling like you have Fancy Pants you could create some new ones of your very one! Here is my very first layout of the month. I finally managed to get myself all the way across town to print $1.47 8 x 12 photos at Sam's Club last night. They did an awesome job. I love this photo. Working with it was harder than I thought. Poor little Austin in this pic! He has the same clueless look on his face as the monkey on his shirt! Big sisters can be so sneaky! Have a Super Sunday!!