Friday, November 03, 2006

Fun First Grade Mini Album

Another Day of Work! Ashley got to cut off the principal's tie! We have the best principal! We will miss him next year when he retires. The kids get to cut off his tie for every 25 books they read. She had read more than 25, but it's so hard to keep track sometimes. The pics I took weren't very good, so in honor of her accomplish -ment. Here's a little mini album I did for some of her 1st grade moments. There is journaling on the back of the pages. It's a Daisy D's Cd folder I did for Creations. It just took like 30 minutes. I've had it for awhile. Doesn't she look little!


Lydie said...

Very, Very cute! You know this would take me 30 days, not 30 mins. I love stalking your blog, by the way!

Anita said...

That is just too cute.