Friday, November 17, 2006

Paper Trends Toot!

So if you scroll down to my Sweet Work Day post you will see I removed the pic of my altered Frap bottles. They are going to be in the April/May Paper Trends! I'm so excited. This will be my second time in Paper Trends. The first will be Feb/March. Just thought I would share since I actually had some news for once! I am off to work today, so Happy Friday everyone!!


Anonymous said...

YAY YAY YAY! 2 months in a row!! Congrats again, babe! Keep on keepin' on!
(and yes i will post anonymously forever...just to annoy you!)


Flower Child said...

Hi Creasa. I love your tins and other cute things.

It is day four since Frosty was abducted. His description is: 3feet tall, black hat, holding a red shovel and full of lights. He is without his power source and can only survive for a short time. Love your blogg site.

Marlene aka flowerchild