Saturday, October 25, 2008

Some Things...

that have been going on around here....

I finally took pictures of a couple of Creative Cafe/ Hampton Art layouts I did two weeks ago.
My favorite Belleville girl came to visit. Enjoyed ourselves a little thrift store togetherness.
Captain Amazing turned 5!!!!
This one managed to get more beautiful.
We had a Halloween themed birthday party. Fun for all!
Got to visit with cousins and hang out at the park.
This one let me know how he feels about all the picture taking.
And last, but certainly not least, we spent some time holding up trees.....

These are just the photos. The little guy has been sick and can't seem to shake it. I thought he was better, but I stood corrected after his lunch reappeared in my car. Yuck. I swear he licks the toilets at preschool. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Scrapbook Love

I get so busy with life I forget how much I love scrappy stuff and actually scrapbooking. Sometimes I just have to kick out projects because I have to and that is just not the same as really rolling around and enjoying the stuff. I got a box stuff full of new Art Warehouse goodness tonight. I almost peed myself. I have so many ideas...and well, if you are a scrapbooker you can understand all that. Never enough time. My migraines are back and I have gone back on Topamax for awhile. Hoping I don't have to do this too long. Trying some things with my diet for once. I hate to admit it might be all the crap I put in my body making my head hurt. Anyway...I have a ton of stuff I would love to post about, but that would require taking pictures and putting final touches on layouts. Also, downloading and editing pics. Just going to settle for these little projects tonight and hopefully I can catch up tomorrow!

Another topiary like the 4th of July one I made with Creative Cafe goodies.

A Little Creative Cafe goodie bag with Hampton Art stamps.
Last, but not least a little layout love with New Class Act and Candles and Cake Collection. The scalloped paper is Class Act...the rest is the birthday line...such fun colors and the layout has nothing to do with school or birthday, so there you have it! Have a Super Tuesday!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fortune Tellers

Remember these little guys? Very popular when I was in elementary. Apparently these things don't die. I'm sure my daughter has the coolest Fortune Teller at school. All Creative Cafe goodies!

The biggest news of the week. Notice Captain Amazing here. He picked the t-shirt out himself. When I read it to him he replied, "That's SO ME!" The real news is the footwear. He is NOT wearing boots for once. He finally agreed to get some shoes if we could find some Slimers. He thinks he is REALLY fast in these. His sister thinks they just up his Dork factor. I think it's adorable.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lotsa Things

So hard to keep up with everything during the week, I thought I would just do one ginormous post.

First up, we have grandpa and Austin fishing. Little hillbilly in training. Grandpa also got a new horse and she has a cute little colt. All the kids could say for the first 5 minutes was "Baby Horse! Baby Horse!" I'm sure it was exactly the reaction grandpa was going for.

We went to the park in Bolivar today. I think it is the best park evah! They have all this old metal equipment instead of the brightly colored plastic stuff you see everywhere. They even have teeter totters! We ate some Burger King and then tried to make each other sick on the Merry Go Round. Good times! Ashley was so sweet pushing all the younger kids on the witch's hat. I tried to tell her to go faster, but she said it was fast enough and the little ones could get hurt. Ahhhhh. So, I started chanting, "Faster, Faster, We need a new MASTER!" Then a little 4 year old girl caught on and made her own version, "Faster Faster We need a new PASTOR!" Ashley was very disappointed in me for starting the whole chanting bit.

Grandparent's Day was Friday at school. Look how happy Little Bit looks with her grandparents. She had just come in from recess. Her head is usually not tomato red.

Last, but not least a little layout love. Had this thing done forevah and even had it in a scrapbook frame for her bedroom. I haven't managed to hang the frame, so I took it out to photograph it. She hasn't said much, but I have a feeling she is not too keen on having a layout hanging in her room.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Some Photo Love

Not much to post about. I know my girlfriend has been wanting to see the photo wall I finally put up after I painted. It was kind of hard to get a picture of since the hallway up the stairs is so narrow, but here it is. Also, a couple of pics of the 9 year old I adore. Also, the 9 year old who is embarrassed to speak to her mother at school. These were from her birthday pics back in May, but I just never got them posted. I have also scrapped them and never posted the layout either. Hmmmm...a little bit of a slacker. Seems to be my theme right now. Hope you are having a wonderful week!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Post

Finally having a little time to blog. I didn't realize what a baby I was until school started again. I need to woman up a little. I just feel exhausted in the evenings and there is never enough time to get everything done. I also had five small children at my house all night and that was quite the way to end my week. Their parents assured me they would also be pooped and want to go to bed early. At midnight there was total mutiny and I had to lay down the momma smack down. Too bad they were back at it at 6 am. Oh well, it is a three day weekend. I'm sure I'll get to sleep at some point. So, here are some pics and a couple of layouts. They are in pretty random order. One is my best girl I got to see last weekend and of course the mecca we have to visit each and every time I come to town. The layouts are Creative Cafe. A couple random pictures of Austin being a boy and the only decent first day of school shot I got of Ash. She refused to let me take her picture and I had to threaten to walk her all the way to class and kiss her in front of her classmates before I could even get this much. Happy Happy Saturday!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Little Creative Cafe Love

for this beautiful Sunday morning. I used chipboard cut from the new scalloped circle ribbon die, a die cut word and butterfly. The circles are new punch outs, and of course some delicious felt ribbon and twill. I put the white behind it so you could see the transparency better. A little hard to photograph, but I always say that. Anyway...I'm off to church...hope you have a Wonderful Sunday!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pink Paislee

Finally getting my Pink Paislee pics up. Love those silver rub ons! Kind of hard to photograph, but they look really pretty with the silver in the paper.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Sweet Things

My house is still quite this morning. Two little boys are still sleeping and I have threatened two little girls to stay quite (and they have also been fed chocolate donuts, so that should hold them for awhile). This is a little album I made just for me. Sometimes I get in such a slump and I have definitely been in one lately in more ways than one. I get caught up in trying to make deadlines for things and I end up laying on the floor in my scrapbook room wondering why I have all this junk. I decided making something just for me would help me kick it. I couldn't think of anyone who made large apple chipboard, so I cut the stupid thing by hand. Then I go to the AccuCut website and see they do make a jumbo apple die...oh, well. I don't know anyone around here who has it anyway, but I would love to have one for my very own self. My bulletin board at school could definitely use some jumbo apples, but I'm sure not hand cutting any more. So...I am rambling now. Anyway...I also heart green paper, so I used a bunch of my favorites and also some random scraps of fabric. My grandma gave me that red polka dot stuff over a year ago and I have been hanging onto it. LUVVVVVV it, but it was just a few strips. So, I used some of my random favorite stuff and some pics I adore and I feel like I'm outta my funk. Just in time to go back to school on Monday :) Happy Happy Friday!