Friday, January 19, 2007

The Ice, The LSS Garage Sale, & The Princess!

Lots of Random- ness in this post. The ice is finally melting today. Lots of people here are still out of power. We are thankful that we have had power since Monday evening. I am warming my buns on the pellet stove. Some friends have been out since last Friday. They came back up for awhile, but a tree fell in their yard causing their neighborhood to lose power again. By Wednesday they were out of wood, and have 3 children, so they are staying here. 5 children in this house is CRAZY! So I thought I would share a picture of the sunshine and ice. Happy to see the sunshine, but the weather guy is saying just for today and maybe 4-6 inches of snow tomorrow. Are they kidding? We missed an entire week of school because of the power outages and all the food spoiled in our buildings. So, Saturday my LSS (Creations Unlimited) is having a garage sale. PLEASE come and buy my scrap junk! I have spent the last couple of days cleaning my room out! I lost my mojo, so I figured it must be buried in that room somewhere. I took a couple of pics of stuff in my room that I love! Now that I can find things. It was seriously a disaster! The other pics are of my little ones during the power outage. That's what you do without cable TV! You wear your sister's dress up clothes! He thought he was SO pretty! I just love em' both!

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