Saturday, March 24, 2007

Such a Fun Day!

We headed out of town to visit the grand- parents today. It's an hour drive and I dread the fighting that may occur in the backseat on the drive, but everything went pretty smoothly today! We had such a great time. The kids played in the creek, played with the dogs, petted the horses, rode the 4 wheelers, and we all got to visit with some other family members that made an appearance. I'm pooped. I tried to sneak in a ton of pics, but realized I had messed with my ISO settings on my camera and forgot to set them back (a little too late). I got a lot of noise in my pics, but I'm posting two of my favorites. Hope you are having a great weekend too!


Mariandale said...

sounds like you had fun love the photos :D

Tina said...

Your kids are SO cute Creasa! Can't wait to see you scrap those pictures girl ;)