Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Layout of My Own

Just for fun. Just for me. My pretty little girl. Oh, do you want to hear something funny. I got a perm yesterday. Somehow, perms always sound like a better idea than they actually are. Last time I got one it didn't take so this time she used smaller rollers and stronger solution. Do you see where I'm going with this? My kids made so much fun of me last night. I had to pick up my DD and her friend at Girl Scouts. They made me roll down the window and were trying to hang their heads out because I stink. It's kind of little old lady tight. It's also much shorter than in any of the pictures I've posted because I just had a haircut too. Yikes! This morning I woke up and it somehow grew about 6 inches straight up on top of my head. I tried barrettes yesterday, but it was like brush, it just kept growing over them. I'm going to have to use a scarf to hold it down today. And the smell...Those elementary kids are brutal! Wish I didn't have to work today! When you pick yourself up off the ground and quit laughing could you pray for me??


Joni said...

LOVE the layout! though I have not had a perm in YEARS I do remember those days! I wanted to do something different last summer and was leaning towards one but at the last minute I chopped it off instead!! Good Luck!

Renata Moni said...

Gorgeous LO!

Lydie said...

HAHAHA, Napoleon! J/K...don't worry it will calm down! LOVE that layout..gorgeous picture of Ash. It's gonna be hard for you to scrap with any sort of small pictures after these ginormous things...they look so awesome!