Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Art Warehouse Stamps Have Arrived!

I am in love with my new stamps. I wish there were more hours in the day to play! My little boy helped open the box. I just know the little guy will be some kind of an artist. He wanted to know right away if I these were stamps I used with paint. Pretty smart for a 3 year old. He said they were SO Beautiful! and he has good taste! I guess as the card says..Happy Happy Times! I am also posting the set of Art Warehouse stamps I used...yummy..huh! You can check them out here... Limited Edition
Have a super Tuesday!


peg said...

oooh, lucky you! i hope mine come soon too. very cute card :)

Lydie said...

Whoa, nelly, these are CUTE!! Love the hand stitching on the fawn cardstock! Really pops...CUTENESS!!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh your stuff is soooo cute girl---love this happy little card, and your pics are always adorable.

Joni said...

Now you've done it! got me hooked on Art Warehouse, that is! I soooo LOVE their stuff, but question.. yesterday I was rubbing a flower (like the one you have above the shelf you got at big lots) and I about broke the stick rubbing so hard... what's your trick? oh, and one more thing, when you alter things what do you prefer to use Modge Podge? just curious, I just got some time to look through your archives and WOWZA you are ONE talented lady!!