Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Little Candy Jars & My Santa Girl

If you are on my Christmas list you are probably getting one of these candy jars in one form or another. I am not only bucket crazy, but I also love little glass jars. I spray painted the front of these and added a rub on. Then I tied ribbon on each one. So, they are special jars! If you get one, you'll know it was made with love! Here is also a pic of my little sweetie in her Santa hat. She has been wearing it a lot lately. Not because she just loves it that much, but because she really needs a hair cut. Every time I say, "Go get a barette," she comes in wearing the hat. One another note: I am going to take my last final tonight! This final is the difference in an A or a B for me. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Oh, you blogger, you....I love stalking your blog. Ash looks so cute...love how you can get a pic with the tree blurry in the background. That looks nice. OK, so can I have my pic of jars? I pick the bucket! haha
Good luck on your final!!! You can call me to vent after you take it! Love, Lydie

amy said...

Omgosh ,This is my first time looking at you awesome stuff!! Wow I have being missing out. I might just have to steal the little candy jars idea.. Those are so sweet.. What a great idea..
I will have to stalk you and your blog for now on..hehehe Love your stuff girl!!!