Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Another Day...

It is freezing here again. Everything is blooming and it's back to the 40s. There is even a chance of snow tomorrow. The little guy and I just played blocks and read books today. He is learning to trace his letters. He is SO good at it. Yes, I am totally bragging. We went and had lunch with "the sister", so he could pack his Thomas lunch box. I took this picture like a week ago, but I just love it, so I thought I would share. Off to work again tomorrow to help other little ones learn their letters and read books. Same stuff different day. I love it!


Joni said...

yes we here in MN were "spoiled" last week with some 80 degree weather, now, well it's just plain ol' Minnesota weather cold, rain, snow (we did not get there where I live though!) I just want my lawn to start growing (just seeded last fall) sick of looking at brown mud!
can't wait for the bubbles and chalk to come out also!!


Lydie said...

I am totally getting a bubble machine. This is a wonderful picture!