Saturday, February 03, 2007

I Heart Art Warehouse rub ons!

I am back! I managed to get sick, again! And then the kids got sick before I was completely well. The little one was the worst. He is still running a slight fever, but the doctor says it is just viral. So, I haven't managed to get much finished. The heart is part of something I am working on, but decided to share since the DT Inspiration at CMK this week is using rub ons directly on your photos. I heart my Art Warehouse swatch book rub ons (well, technically they are called impress-ons), but they ROCK as far as rub ons go. So, I saw these cute glass ornaments awhile back on Marah Johnson's blog and I lifted them and used my AW impress ons to make them. If you like to stalk blogs Marah's is a good one to stalk! My daughter is in love with the Caution Girl line and has been begging me to alter her stuff with that paper forever! Okay, I've got to go clean my house for the Super Bowl thing tomorrow!


Lydie said...

OOOhhhh, those ornaments are SO cute! You should make a whole valentine tree with a bunch of them, and some FELT ones, too! Here I go again with the brilliant ideas! haha.
The heart album is gonna be CUTE! Are you using SEI for the whole thing? I hope know how I am about mixing paper lines! (neurotic, i know)
Anyway, have a good Saturday nite (and i am only on my first margarita, by the!) Talk to ya tomorrow. We're going to Emily's for the superbowl. Love ya!

Kelli said...

eeeek that is super cute ;)

Suzelle said...