Monday, February 26, 2007

My Little Photographer!

It started out with me taking pictures of the cute little bunny house the kids decorated last night. Then my daughter wanted to take pics and then the little guy decided he was quite the photography pro. I'll have to post his pictures later. I need to be working on my resume and not blogging. I just loved how cute they were lugging the camera around this morning when they are usually avoiding it like crazy. Check out my cutie T-shirt. I mom is going to say I'm about ten years too old for it, but I SO don't care. I feel cool and I am 30 years old, so some days I need to feel this way. My daughter will be more than happy to take it off my hands at any time and it is great inspiration for a scrapbook page....right after I work on that resume!


Lydie said...

I hope both kids inherit your inherent talent for photography! Man, you think I can MAKE a shirt like that with some stamps and fabric paint? I bet I could! LOL

Daniela said...

You are adorable and so are your babies !!!