Sunday, February 18, 2007

You Make Me Happy!

I've been doing homework most of the day. How exciting. It doesn't seem like I've made much progress. I managed to take a picture of this layout that has been sitting on my desk forever! My sweet little sunshine. Finally we are having some sunshine here today. Hope it is shining on you today too!


Lydie said...

That thick felt with buttons on it!! It's almost like putting pop dots behind buttons! ROFLMAO!!!!! This is too cute....great mix of pics of
Ash, great design. Perfect!

Kerry said...

super fun layout!!

Joni said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your stuff! I've been checking out CMK for the last 6 months and LOVE when I see your stuff.. just now went digging to see if you had a blog! but I have a question... where can your order Art Warehouse stuff online?? from the looks of it, CMK does not carry, nor 2 Peas? any recommendations?? thanks!

Joni (your new fan!)