Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday at the Park

Grandma went to a teacher's conference so we went to spend the day with grandpa. We got some KFC and then headed to the park! Ashley found two other girls the same age as her to play with and Austin had a blast just chasing them around. I got to take some pictures of Ash in her cute orange sweater, and then I chased all of them around, so we had a great time. I thought I was going to get stuck in the twisty slide a couple of times. I do not recommend going down one of those things head first. It seems like a good idea...but maybe not when you're 30. All of the pics I took of Austin turned out blurry...of course! Ash's aunt got her the sweater at a second hand cute and cozy! She just loves it! Some days I just can't get over how much she looks like me. Just amazing!


Lydie said...

WOW! those pics are great. i'd better take some good ones so we can scrap those cute girls at camp...wait until you see Annika's school picture. Cute overload.
your shelf looks perfect. what'cha going to hang on it?
loving the blog....

Amy W. said...

super cute pics! :>

ashlee said...

those pics are amazing! i LOVE the first one!
yeah i tried to go down a twisty slide head first last week...i wont do that again, although my kids got a good laugh out of it!