Monday, September 25, 2006

Lost and Found!

So...I was digging in my scraproom closet for something and I picked up this stack of layouts that are in need of a home. I saw something strange. The corner of a package that said Technique Tuesday, and I do not own any Technique Tuesday stamps. My best friend, however, lost a brand new set on her last visit. Being on a very tight scrapbook budget, she was very distraught. We were both very puzzled and of course thought my husband must in some way be behind the entire ordeal. He throws everything away. It must've been me this time. Just this once! Sorry Lyd..Does this package look familiar? You don't mind if I open them do you? Just kidding!

1 comment:

Lydie said...

AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! I KNEW you must have had them tucked away in that black hole of a closet! I'ma gonna kill you!

No, I'm not mad. I just hope I can return them for store credit!