Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Shelf

What a week! Night class Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday..Work Thursday, Friday..and now, it's Saturday! I can do laundry and homework! I'll try to keep the whine to a minimum. I did manage to get my shelf put up this week. I wanted this thing sooooo badly and I was given a gift card to Lowe's for no reason at all by my step-mom. I rushed off to buy it and that was 2 months ago. My husband did not want me putting holes in the walls in our brand new house, but if he can hang a moose head, then I can hang a cute little shelf in my scrapbook room! I had to get it up because I had brand new jars to put on it! My new Deals purchase! Just a dollar! I tied some ribbon on those babies! Haven't decided what I'm going to put in them yet, but just you wait...probably whatever overflows next on my scrap table! If you are wondering what is hanging on my shelf..yes, it's a trivet. Another Deals purchase last summer..don't ask why. I just thought it was so cute and somehow it ended up with my scrapbook stuff and the next thing you know I was tying ribbon on it. It's a sickness with the ribbon! I have big plans for the hangings on that shelf, but for now I am happy looking at the trivet! What a weirdo I am!

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ashlee said...

i love jars:)
those are good ones too, especially for a dollar!!!