Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Creations Unlimited Camp!

Oct. 6th my LSS is having a crop camp in Oklahoma! Last year it was a total blast, except that I had a sinus infection and felt horrible the entire weekend. The weather was beautiful, the camp was awesome, and we got to do a zip line! Not to mention, crop time, unlimited chocolate & caffeine, and no little ones running around. This year my best friend is going, so everyone better be prepared for my crazy bone to break free! I am posting some of the give-a-ways I made for camp. The top one is a magnetic frame for the fridge. No, they won't get to keep the pic. It just looked weird without one in it. It lifted the idea from the KI website. I think Jamie Waters made them. Hers were way cuter, but I'm trying to go cheap here! These Halloween cards are actually a sample I made for the store. Jen said to stop whining about her giving me old product and she also said something about me being too sassy for my own britches. She gave me 2001 Halloween stickers so you can be the judge here. She also gave me a couple of sheets of the new Basic Grey and a Basic Grey matchbook and she wanted me to make sure that was KNOWN! Blogger is too slow, that's all I have time for now!

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Flower Child said...

Marlene says Creasa I love your blog site The pics are so cute and I'd like to sign up for a class.