Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Post

Finally having a little time to blog. I didn't realize what a baby I was until school started again. I need to woman up a little. I just feel exhausted in the evenings and there is never enough time to get everything done. I also had five small children at my house all night and that was quite the way to end my week. Their parents assured me they would also be pooped and want to go to bed early. At midnight there was total mutiny and I had to lay down the momma smack down. Too bad they were back at it at 6 am. Oh well, it is a three day weekend. I'm sure I'll get to sleep at some point. So, here are some pics and a couple of layouts. They are in pretty random order. One is my best girl I got to see last weekend and of course the mecca we have to visit each and every time I come to town. The layouts are Creative Cafe. A couple random pictures of Austin being a boy and the only decent first day of school shot I got of Ash. She refused to let me take her picture and I had to threaten to walk her all the way to class and kiss her in front of her classmates before I could even get this much. Happy Happy Saturday!


Cassie said...

Your LO is gorgeous!!
Your babies are too cute!!
Great pics!

roree said...

Wonderful layouts and photos, Creasa! You always do such fabulous work!