Friday, August 15, 2008

Sweet Things

My house is still quite this morning. Two little boys are still sleeping and I have threatened two little girls to stay quite (and they have also been fed chocolate donuts, so that should hold them for awhile). This is a little album I made just for me. Sometimes I get in such a slump and I have definitely been in one lately in more ways than one. I get caught up in trying to make deadlines for things and I end up laying on the floor in my scrapbook room wondering why I have all this junk. I decided making something just for me would help me kick it. I couldn't think of anyone who made large apple chipboard, so I cut the stupid thing by hand. Then I go to the AccuCut website and see they do make a jumbo apple die...oh, well. I don't know anyone around here who has it anyway, but I would love to have one for my very own self. My bulletin board at school could definitely use some jumbo apples, but I'm sure not hand cutting any more. So...I am rambling now. Anyway...I also heart green paper, so I used a bunch of my favorites and also some random scraps of fabric. My grandma gave me that red polka dot stuff over a year ago and I have been hanging onto it. LUVVVVVV it, but it was just a few strips. So, I used some of my random favorite stuff and some pics I adore and I feel like I'm outta my funk. Just in time to go back to school on Monday :) Happy Happy Friday!


Happay said...

totally beautiful album. I love the reds and greens and all of the polka dots. It is nice to create some stuff just for you every once in awhile. I hope this has totally rejuvenated your creative spirit. hugs.

Cassie said...

This is so awesome!
I am always reluctant to make anything with apples for my teachers at school! I love this though. I may have to lift my self-imposed apple ban!

Raechelle said...

oh wow! This is gorgeous! I love the colors and the fact that you cut it by hand is fantastic!