Thursday, October 26, 2006

Brown eyed Boy

I have heard some people think I favor my daughter. Yes, she gets more scrapbook pages because girly pages are more fun. Yes, she gets more clothes, because he is very picky and girl clothes are more fun. Do I love her more...of course not. He gets way more of my time because she is at school and he is at home 2 days a week with me! So, I will try to give him more blog time. Here he is this summer eating a "butter sandwich". Isn't he the cutest. And what color would you call those eyes. He says they are "brown and wipe eyes" "just like mommies". I wouldn't exactly call those brown, but I can't put my finger on a color. What do you think? I said very pretty eyes Austin! He said, "NO, not pretty! Brown and wipe eyes! Like you! Yes, just like me, you stubborn little guy! Happy Thursday everyone!

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