Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Little Post

What is new here? Austin just learned he could pick up the other line while his sister is on the phone. I know it has happened when I hear delightful 4 year old giggles and maddening 9 year old screams ...well, I actually hear that combination a lot. Then I hear 4 year old little running feet and screams and still more 9 year old screams. I try to catch the entire thing before she injures him, but she is really pretty quick when on a mission. When the whole episode is over and she's off the phone he insists he gets to call a friend. Luckily he only has one and they are both short on attention so the conversation doesn't last long.

I got the Pink Slip from Pink Paislee this month. I am super excited and have some layouts finished except for the journaling. It's hard to get computer time to journal when the kids are fighting over who gets to play Webkinz. Hopefully today or tomorrow I can get my projects up. I am posting a little Hampton Art Stamp Art Bar project. Hope you are having a Fabulous Thursday!

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