Saturday, June 21, 2008


I know my ex-husband has a list of things he never thought I could manage without him. A few of these things would be emptying the lint trap on the dryer, getting the trash to the curb before pick-up and returning movies ON TIME. However, my lint trap is currently clean as can be and even though the trash fairies have yet to make their appearance, somehow I have managed to drag that big blue bin out to the curb once a week for months Allbymyself. The latter I am still working on, although it seems to be a better plan (if I actually have any adult time) to invite a friend over and ask them to rent a movie on the way. This way I am not responsible for The Return. Who needs to rent movies for children time because they would rather draw with sidewalk chalk in the driveway or find another way to harass tired mom.

I'm sure his list is much longer than this, but these are prolly at the top. The one thing neither of us thought about was Gardening. I'm not talking about yard work, which was prolly on The List. I have somehow been able to work the mower and the weed eater and my house has not been overtaken as of yet. I'm talking about all the purty things I used to have in my yard as a married gal. You know...rose bushes and that sort of thing. Turns out I can't grow anything green that also Flowers. I realized I do need these things though. So....I started a small flower bed and planted lots of miscellaneous things....things I dug up from my dad's, things people who did not know I could not grow things gave me, and also some seeds I sprouted Allbymself. As in flower bed I mean...this row of grass I dug up along the back of my house. Too lazy to even put those wonderful stones along it to make it official or anything. It is a start.

So I had few things growing and a few things dying, but overall just proud of myself that I am trying. All of a sudden I think I have hit the mother load because I have green things growing knee high. After all the randomness of planting I'm not exactly sure what they were, but just praying for some flowers any day.

I have to say deep down in my sad little heart I knew these were not actually flowers, but Yippee-Yee-Haw I am growing something. Then my disappointed gardening mother shows up and informs me I have a monsterous crop of weeds going on. She put on some gloves and pulled those babies up. Just chucked their weed corpses onto my freshly mowed lawn. Also babbled on about did I not know the difference in a weed and a flower....yada yada...well, apparently not. So, I was a little sad as I looked at my very naked flower bed with only a few sweet little Actual Flowers left. Very nice and all, but left such an empty space. The ones left are recovering well after their near death battle with the weed canopy.

I just started thinking after seeing all that empty space that maybe I have been growing some weeds in my very own personal life. And all the time I am telling myself...At Least I Am Growing Something. Actual Flowers take time and care to grow, but weeds are quick. Weeds can make you happy if you tell yourself things like....I know any day these babies are going to BLOOM! Then, eventually, you have to admit they are weeds and do the painful thing of pulling them. Then you have to deal with the empty spot they have left and be thankful for the flowers still growing and start nurturing those. So, now I am growing my backyard and in my life. Going to keep those weeds pulled. :) So Happy Happy Saturday! Enjoy your weekend!


Daniela said...

Wow, I do unerstand about growing weeds. I am glad about the flowers. Miss you.

Danielle said...

What a beautiful analogy! I hope you are well! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. We miss seeing your beautiful work!

Fuller Family said...

Wow! When are you going to start your new online devotional? Because that was great. I have no idea whats going on in your life these days.But it sounds like you are getting it figured out. I'm proud of you!

Anonymous said...

i think the flower is beautiful and i know you can grow much more
luv u

lynn said...

What an insightful analogy. I like it a lot.

Here's to blooming a garden full of good things!!!
BTW, are those zinnias? I love them, reminds me of my great-grandmother's garden. I tried to grow them once. It did not turn out well, for the poor zinnias.

KT said...

I hope things are starting to look up for you. I know you've had a tough year. i just wanted to let you know I found your post very inspiring & I have to step back and think about all the weeds in my life right now.