Monday, June 23, 2008


Today I am all alone. Buried in Creative Cafe projects...I guess that is something good to be buried in. Pledged to stay in my jammies and work on this stuff until I go to dinner tonight with a friend. I figure if I'm going to promise myself something it should at least be achievable.

Thought I would post some pictures from my favorite place in the house...a place for naps :)Kind of looks like Rainbow Brite threw up, but I love it. Also, I heart the green dresser. One of my coolest, sweetest friends donated it to me when I moved out. It was brown with some older hardware, but in great shape. I painted it green a couple of months ago....Allbymself I might add. Hope you are having a wonderful sunshine filled Monday!!!

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Jami Petersen said...

Sorry to leave this as a comment but I couldn't find your email anywhere. I just wanted to let you know that we're featuring your blog in the 7/7 newsletter for Magazine. I'll need your full name and a brief description about your blog.

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