Monday, March 03, 2008

So Nice Yesterday

I tried to get some good pics while we were playing at the park. It was 70 outside, but it is currently 26 and supposed to snow all night. Anywhere from 1"-12". They have really nailed this forcast.

Not too thrilled with the pics. I am blaming it on my camera, but I think probably operator error. Love the one of Austin leaning over...nothing says I'm a 4 year old like a Wal-Mart sticker on your hand and a finger in your nose....Happy Monday!


Lydie said...

So cute...lovely everyday photos.

You would be so proud of me, I have my layout 98% done, just the journaling is left! HA!

Sara said...

Creasa, I haven't forgotten about you - we're soooo sick up here, but I'll be emailing you shortly about your GDT spot. I totally dig the finger-up-the-nose shot. We have a few of those around here too. :)