Sunday, March 09, 2008


Feeling kind of bad about not posting this entire weekend. Could have taken some pics of finished layouts, but feelin' kind of lazy. I was waiting to post these until I got a better picture...but again the I'm posting them anyway. Kind of hard to see them against the cheesy siding of my house. All Creative Cafe stuff. Sewed some felt and buttons around the basket....yummmmmmm...felt and buttons. I managed to do nothing productive all weekend. Now it is late and I'm thinking I should at least run to the grocery store and get those darn cheese sticks I promised the kiddos. Almost out of diet coke and twinkies anyway. What will I have for lunch??? Hope you had an awesome weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, love these! They are so cute!

Anonymous said...

those are very cute.luv the grass too!
grandma susan