Thursday, September 13, 2007

Good Times!

It is almost Friday! I am excited about that. I am blessed to have a job I love and wonderful people to work with, but when Friday comes, I am still as excited as the kids. Besides that I have an extra long recess duty on Friday! It's a perk of being a special teacher. I don't mind too much. The classroom teachers need the time and I've been there.

So tonight I went jogging with my friend Katie. Well, I guess that's stretching it a little. What I mean is I jogged slow and Katie jogged really fast so we weren't together, but I could see her from the other side of the track at all times. It was inspiring to jog with a friend. We decided, by our own calculations that if we keep this up we should be Olympic runners in a week or so. Katie is a lot younger than me, so I think she has higher expectations. We did go 3 miles and I actually jogged 2.5 or so of it. I don't even think my ankles are going to break anymore, but I do worry that some part of my anatomy might actually come loose and fall on the track. Nothing yet!

I guess that's all the excitement for tonight. Hopefully there will be some projects to see this weekend! (If I'm not too sore to photograph :)) Have a SUPER Friday!!!

Oh...the pics are from a family reunion in Oklahoma a couple of weeks ago. Those kiddos crack me up. That's my momma in the last one! Looks like me only older. Kind of scary. Real Scary. Okay...Like I said....Have a Super Friday!!!

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Raechelle said...

Good for you! I am sure it felt great to just run! :)