Sunday, September 30, 2007

Creative Cafe Projects

I heart the new Creative Cafe Spirit line. So much fun. The puffy felt flowers are my favorite...or maybe the thick sheets of felt...or the colorful rub ons. Can't go wrong with this stuff!


tracyg said...

Those are all so cute Creasa!

Holly said...

Hey Creasa! Good to hear from you on my blog! I didn't know you still had my address!
I have questions about this Creative Cafe thing. What is it and do you work for them as a designer? Is it an online deal? I want some puffy flowers! lol

You're out of school aren't you, you dog! What's the occasion?

creasa said...

Hey Holly! I design for Danelle Johnson and she has Art Warehouse and Creative Cafe. It's not really an online concept, but The Scrapbook store is getting the Lucky line. It starts shipping in October, so we should have some puffy felt flowers here before long!

We are off...fall break or something. I don't question it...just enjoy the time!

roree said...

These are adorable, Creasa! I can't wait until my lss gets the creative cafe stuff in. :)