Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I just wanted to thank everyone for your kind remarks and emails about our daycare trouble. I enrolled the little guy in the Early Childhood center at my school on Monday and it has been all smiles! He didn't even cry on his first day. He still has trouble letting go, but his teacher gives him important jobs and he's off. It will take some time before he leaves my leg voluntarily, but I believe it will happen this year. He even showed me around his classroom when I picked him up. They have a pet frog. Good Times! Such a burden off my heart as I start school.


Lydie said...

WoW! Look at that guy. I can't believe how BLONDE he's gotten. Like a little surfer boy.
I'm so glad this pre-K is a better fit for him. Nice to have all your duckies under one roof!

Holly said...

That is a wonderful blessing and I'm sure you feel much better about it.