Friday, August 10, 2007


I started work today. New teacher orientation was really fun. I met some new people and realized there are teachers just as goofy as me out there (and even in the same building!). Can't wait for the new friendships I will make this year. So speaking of is a pic I took of Lydie. I love this picture of her and I thought she might want to see it. She always hates pics of herself, but how could she hate this one??


Michelle Jo Klomp said...

That is such a good picture.

Anonymous said...

you are right that is a very good picture.

Kitty Foster said...

Gosh your photography is most excellent dude!

So tell me young padawan...why didn't you submit to my book call?

email me:

Lydie said...

Oh, Creasa. Thank you. This IS a nice picture. You are too sweet. I hope you do find a kindred spirit at school...makes the time between our visits a little easier! LOL! Love ya. -Lyd

Tammy Tutterow said...

That is a great photo of Lydie!
I got to meet her at the show. Can you believe we had to go all the way to Chicago to meet?