Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I took this picture Monday night, but it just sums up their whole relation- ship. He is looking for someone to crash into and she is constantly jumping in his way and laughing about it. Yikes! I had to take them grocery shopping tonight and somehow managed to come out of 2 less marbles than I went in with, but somehow ended up with 2 packages of mini M&Ms someone snuck in the cart. Then the nightly homework battle began. I want to teach so badly, you would think I could reach my own child. Not at all. It's a good thing I don't use her for a reference on my application. She says I am telling her the wrong thing. I'm not a real teacher. Should I argue this point. Does she need a copy of my certificate? Or should I just pinch her head off right now? Just kidding. I love her. Children need to make meaning out of learning. She needs to connect it with something she knows and can relate to. I know all of this. I can help. It all goes out the window with your own child.

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Danielle said... child is the same way. I have a teaching degree too and you would think I could teach her..but no. She will not let me! :)