Saturday, January 09, 2010

Happy 2010!

So, I think this might be the last year Austin believes in Santa. He was hesitant when Santa showed up at Ryan's family Christmas dinner. When Santa knew his name and had a present for him I thought he might wet his pants. I thought we had won him over for sure. After we opened presents on Christmas morning he said, "Mom, I think you might have been the one who filled the stockings." Me: "Why do you say that?" Austin: "Because you really like the kind of cookies we left for Santa, so I thought you might have eaten them. If you are the one who ate the cookies you might have filled the stockings too." Hmmmm....way to put two and two together! It actually doesn't break my heart when they stop believing in Santa. I think it confuses them when we tell them Santa is watching them, the tooth fairy comes and steals their teeth in the middle of the night, a giant rabbit brings them eggs and chocolate, and THEN that Jesus lives in their heart.
My two beautiful daughters! Elsa is finally starting to grow a few eyelashes. People still think she is a boy when we take her out. Even with pink hats and binkies.

The baby who looks nothing like me.

This is her favorite look. She does actually smile, but it's hard to get on camera. When she sees the camera she just stares.

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Jessie said...

Creasa--you have truly beautiful children. I have enjoyed your work from "afar" for many years. And I once enjoyed your company. Thanks for the "my girl" mini album years ago. You have inspired me to scrapbook and I have missed your blogging--Jessie