Thursday, May 28, 2009

Some Scrappy Love

I can't believe I'm actually getting in 2 posts this month. What a record for my lazy self. Anyway...I made these onesies for the little one. This material was a lot harder to sew on then I anticipated. They will probably fall apart when I wash them. They didn't quite turn out like I envisioned. Cute Boy thinks they are adorable. He made me feel much better. I used Creative Cafe felt, buttons, puffy flowers, and felt letters. Pretty much everything I guess.

We are finally out of school as of Friday. I am teaching summer school later in June, but for now we have been having a good time. More pictures at our favorite park!

We also enjoyed a beautiful day at the zoo. I felt like the fattest animal there. Geez...every time I see a picture I can't believe how big I've gotten!

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Holly said...

hey creasa! i need to add your blog site to my links. i had no idea you were still looking at mine and your's got erased from mine when i went to the more simplistic background. so, good to hear from you!

have you had a good pregnancy? are the kids excited? how did you meet the new guy?

i haven't heard from Lizanne in a long time! have you?