Monday, February 11, 2008

Movies and Scarves

So, my I went to see Juno on Friday night with a couple of my girlfriends. We loved it. Here is a clip:

Also got nothing done this weekend. Thought I was going to wake up with creativity busting through my orifices, but to no avail. I would've had a better chance of getting struck by lightning square in the bum on a clear day. I have also come down with a cold, so I'm blaming that.

This is me yesterday. My day of Sitting Around With No Creativity. Really the picture is to show you my new scarf. My friend Loretta made it for me. I don't think she realized what she was doing handing this beautiful, warm, neck warmer over to me. Loretta is my teaching partner, which just means we share a room the size of a cubicle together with our two assistants. When they interviewed me for this job, they asked if I would be willing to work collaboratively with another teacher and share a room. I said I would LUUUUUUUUUV that. And I was being honest. The students are best served when teachers get along and colaborate. What I didn't say was...Yes, but Puuuuuleeeeze don't put me in a room with someone who is crazy, obsessively talks about their period and who also drives me BAT TURDS. Let's just say I prayed A LOT about this. So, that is where I got Loretta. She is a true blessing. Not everyone looks forward to seeing their coworkers like I do. She is smiling every morning I walk in the door. Except maybe on Fridays...she has a Friday Affliction where she sometimes can't make it in, but all the other days are good. Anyhoooooo....wouldn't you know it she has a hobby too and like scrapbooking it can be quite the obsessive crazy sport. Also, like me she is leery of bestowing the fruits of her labor upon others as gifts. However, a couple of weeks ago, she shuffled over to my desk, dropped this beautiful scarf and mumbled something about a late Christmas gift. (She bought me a beautiful bracelet from Cold Water Creek for Christmas, so I did not see this coming.) I immediately put the scarf on and proceeded to wear it...ALL DAY. I think she thought I was putting on a show of politeness, but when I wore it the next day I think she started to get a little frightened. So, here I am wearing this baby around school all day long because it is now my favorite WHATEVER...that I wear with my other favorite WHATEVERS...that match not WHATSOEVER. I am a cold girl. I needed this. Loretta said if she thought she had enough years left she would knit me a body stocking. She may need to make another scarf though. This one may wear out because I will surely still be wearing it in June.

Note: I am only posting the photo to show the scarf. I'm realizing there is REASON I do not take lots of pics of myself. My nose is not seriously that big in real life and who put all that make up on me?? No idea. I will draw your attention to the Rockin' Owl T-shirt. Matches the scarf, eh?


Wendy said...

I haven't seen that movie yet, but heard it was good.

Ummmmmmmmm, LOVE your scarf! I need more hours in the day so I can do all my creating. LOL You look so cute! :)


Chrys said...

love that scarf!!!! It is a darling picture though!!! and I LOVE that cute wreath in the background! :)

Tammy said...

I loved Juno when I saw it last week. I want one of those owl tee's so darn cute. Lucky you getting a scarf made for you, that is sweet.