Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer is Here!!

Tomorrow is the last day of school!! Today was the last day for the kiddos. It is a very crazy time for our district. We are now grouped by grade level. I teach reading in a 3rd/4th grade building. Next year we will have four elementary schools with grades K-5. That means basically everyone in our district is moving their classroom to a new building. Everything has to be loaded on pallets by tomorrow afternoon. Fortunately, I am staying in my building and moving right down the hall. I will return as a 1st grade teacher!! I am so excited! I have really missed being in the classroom and I feel like 1st grade is a good fit for me.

So, one more day and then I can relax... right after the wedding. And the week of professional development in Arkansas. And the four graduate hours I'm taking. Yes, relax.

Going to spend some time with these precious faces:

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