Saturday, November 17, 2007


We got a dog. Actually, we got him quite awhile back, but I just didn't post about it. Part of me thought I might actually return him and he ran away once, so who knew if it was going to work. I didn't set out to get a dog really, but when the local dog catcher came to school to collect on a little dog someone found wandering around she mentioned they had this cute little Yorkie who needed a home. We checked him out on loan for the weekend and now he's all ours. I'm not sure he's actually a Yorkie. He's a big whopping 12 lbs. Of course we named him Lucky. That's what everyone names a dog they get from the pound right? His full name is Lucky Jack. The kids don't like that, so Austin calls him Yucky and Ash calls him something different every time she calls him. I won't tell you what I called him when I came home and found he'd chewed a hole in the screen door to the garage. Or the words that spouted from mouth when I found he had pooped a pile bigger than himself right beside my scrapbook table and then hiked his sweet leg on a crate of scrapbook supplies. He does have the right name. He is Lucky to be alive.


Tina said...

OH MY gosh Creasa, you are hilarious!!! Yep, I'd say that do is lucky to be alive!! Hope things are going well, been thinking about you a lot!

Emily said...

My mom has a Yorkie and I'm not joking when I say she weighs about 5 pounds more than that!! She's one heavy girl!!